Topical Rub, Shower Scrub & Bath Soak

ANSHI Aloe | Topical Rub | Moisturizer


All the power of aloe in one bottle, ready to use!  BAM.

ANSHI supports a vibrant community who share their favorite ways to use our simple, natural products. Our customers suggest using ANSHI Detox Aloe in these ways: to reduce bloating, constipation, rashes, burns, scars, as a lip moisturizer, face moisturizer, as an extreme dry skin rub, body scrub, foot scrub, and bath soak.

How to use: For bloating, rub a generous amount on affected area for 10-15 seconds. For constipation, rub at least one Tbsp counterclockwise for one minute on belly. For insect bites or rashes dab a small amount and rub gently. Help prevent dry chapping and skin tears by applying to affected areas. Rub a small amount into lips and facial skin to exfoliate and moisturize, then rinse off or leave on. Use as a full-body scrub in shower for deeper and longer-lasting moisturizer. ProTip: rub until salt is fully absorbed into skin.  

Therapeutic grade ingredients:  coconut oil, castor oil, pink Himalayan salt, vitamin E oil, beeswax, 100% pure aloe vera gel.

Medium: Net Wt. 2.3oz / 57g

Large: Net Wt. 3.3oz / 94g


Please note:  some variation in product consistency may appear.  Because our Transdermal Rubs are whipped with air, some settling may occur during shipping, which may leave some space at the top of the container.  We want to assure you that this is normal, and does not affect the net weight of your product.  

Learn more about how temperature can affect ANSHI's consistency here.