Topical Rub, Shower Scrub & Bath Soak

Limited Edition Cleansing Charcoal | Body & Face | Deep Cleansing and Clearing with 10+ Ways to Use - Wet or Dry!



Medium: 4oz jar

Large: 8oz jar

NOW is the time to try our new Limited Edition ANSHI Cleansing Charcoal Transdermal Rub - because it's insanely powerful and versatile (like all our varieties!) and because it'll only be around until we sell out!

ANSHI supports a vibrant community who share their favorite ways to use our simple, natural products. Our customers suggest using ANSHI Cleansing Charcoal in these ways:  facial wash, scrub or mask for acne and other facial skin irritations, stings and bites, toothpaste, after-shave, itchy and red skin patches, body scrub, foot scrub, bath soak. 

How to use:

For facial use, use less than a teaspoon - a little goes a long way - and leave on for 5-10 minutes! For body, adjust amounts up to a tablespoon depending on your use. Warning: this product may stain clothes. Be careful with application. If leaving on feet for severe use cases, use socks or wrap areas of body where used for maximum absorption. ProTip: rub until salt is fully absorbed into skin.  



ANSHI Cleansing Charcoal Transdermal Rub


Therapeutic grade ingredients: 

Ingredients: ANSHI CLASSIC PINK SALT (coconut oil, castor oil, pink Himalayan salt, vitamin E oil, beeswax) + activated charcoal


We do everything to keep your products at a good temperature during shipping but if your ANSHI arrives melted simply pop it in a cool room or fridge to harden. As a natural product, we harden and soften depending on the temperatures we are kept in. But we still work! Store in a cool dry place when possible! 

Learn more about how temperature can affect ANSHI's consistency here.


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