"NATURAL STOCKING STUFFER" Holiday Gift Set (33 Items)

$299 $365

$365 VALUE - SAVE $66!


Big list this year? Running out of time or need more options for gifting on the fly? Look no further as ANSHI introduces the first and only custom gift set featuring 5 Mini Variety Samplers (that is 20 minis!) plus all five ANSHI varieties in 4 oz jars including the limited edition Soothing Lavender. 

Slip this sleek gift into stockings or break it apart and gift minis individually for grandparents, teachers, and friends without breaking the bank! With ANSHI’s Natural Stocking Stuffer Holiday Gift Set, exploring natural medicine is easy, fast, and fun for anyone at any age. This set also comes with a Total Healing Accessory Kit which you can learn more about here



five Mini Variety Samplers

one 4 oz ANSHI Detox Aloe

one 4 oz Total Healing Turmeric

one 4 oz Classic Pink Salt

one 4 oz Nurturing Peppermint

one 4 oz Limited Edition Soothing Lavender

one Total Healing Accessory Kit (7 Items)

one ANSHI cooler bag

The Mini Variety Sampler comes wrapped for the holidays with a 1 oz jar of Classic Pink Salt, Total Healing Turmeric, Detox Aloe, and Nurturing Peppermint.