Mini Turmeric Sampler

$39.99 $46

This year’s most coveted gift is here - and this one is ALL TURMERIC!

Gift four times the love with our Mini Turmeric Sampler that comes wrapped for the holidays with four 1 oz jars of Total Healing Turmeric. Slip this sleek gift into stockings or break it apart and gift minis individually!

Depending on your use, you can apply a little bit or a lot of the product at once. That is why this Turmeric sampler is so great! The size of minis makes them ideal for dabbing and applying for all kinds of beauty use-cases including puffy eyes, moisturizer, and skin irritations.

Minis are also great for travel and on-the-go lifestyles where the need for ANSHI could strike anytime!

Or if you've been wanting your family and friends to try our best selling Total Healing Turmeric - here's your chance. Never leave home without ANSHI Total Healing Turmeric again, order today, these will sell out fast!

$46 value - savings of over 10%!


"Mini Turmeric Sampler" includes:

four Total Healing Turmeric mini 1 oz jar